dosoco changes lives

We believe that music should be available to everyone, and more than that we know first hand the power of music to help and heal.  With this in mind, in 2013 we launched The Dosoco Foundation, a grant giving social enterprise that uses a percentage of profits from our gigs, and donations from the general public & small foundations, to support projects using music for social good.  

To date we've awarded over £16,000 in grants to 30 projects.  We're so proud of this work, and so grateful to you for supporting it with us.  You can find more out about all of these projects on the Dosoco website, and if you'd like to organise a fundraising gig or event, we would absolutely love to hear from you.



tech experience

Get behind the desk and be part of the crew that makes gigs and events possible. You'll be shadowing experienced sound engineers that can teach and get backstage for free.


Unusual, creative, cool. We'll be running music workshops for young and old, all colours and creeds, both big groups and small. Up soon will be beatboxing and performance poetry. We'll also be looking at mass-band-jamming.



Be in with a chance to be on stage as a soloist at one of our full-on #lungjam events.  Mass, euphoric, audience-led gigs, where you have a chance to lead two tracks, with a band, from the front. Unforgettable.


And finally, where it all started.  The mammoth musical collective that is We Are Sound. Currently 110 singers and up to ten instrumentalists, gigging live and extraordinary events. We have a handful of places for vocalists.  Apply now.