Since 2014 we've been approached to create, compose and deliver some incredible sound projects, some as part of larger arts programmes and some bespoke, one-off, musical events.

We've captured the history of Parker's Piece (we're talking the naming of it, cricket, football rules and vast feasts) in a racing 3-minute track as part of Le Tour de France when it passed through Cambridge in 2014.  In 2017 we collaborated with visual artist Caroline Wright during an exhibition of her work in response to the development of the new Simon Sainsbury Centre at the Judge Business School in Cambridge, composing a piece for four vocalists positioned in the atrium of the original Judge Business School, singing over the audience.  In early 2018 we were part of visual artist Melanie Manchot's 'The Choirs', created to celebrate the launch of the new Storey's Way Community Centre in Eddington, Cambridge, composing a piece for 20 voices in collaboration with rap artist Xidus.

And finally, our most recent commission (and sneaking in as one of the most delightful projects we've worked on), a bespoke composition for the Judge Business School to create a 'corridor of sound' for the official launch of the Simon Sainsbury Centre on Tuesday 1 May 2018. The brief was to create a multinational piece of music to reflect the global student base of the business school, and for it to be celebratory and joyous.  Cue two months of sourcing fabulous world musicians, and a final line up including tabla, Chinese dizi, sax, balafon, African guitar, calabash and clarinet, all improvised live over a fusion track - spanning the Middle East, the Caribbean, Africa, China, North America, Ireland and Cuba - composed by We Are Sound artistic director Andrea Cockerton.  The musicians performed live in the tree-lined avenue leading from Trumpington Street to the front door of the business school as guests arrived and left.  Footage coming shortly!!

If you have any sound based projects or ideas that you'd like to discuss with us, however outrageous or ambitious, please contact us now.  We'd love to talk with you and figure out something wonderful.