Music Changes Everything (2017)

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Music Changes Everything (2017)


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Track listing:

  • Iris & Rubies (Dirty Freud & Andrea Cockerton)

  • Torrent (Ásgeir)

  • Diferente (Gotan Project - Hôtel Costes Remix)

  • I Need My Girl (The National)

  • Worship You (Vampire Weekend)

  • Wolves & Ravens (Rogue Valley)

  • Made-up Lovesong #43 (Guillemots)

MCPS Licence Reference: LM-0057150

Sound recording produced and engineered by Matty Moon

Mastered by Pete Maher


Bobby Aitken, Autograph Sound, Ten Hats, Richard Wolfstrome

Design: Richard Wolfstrome


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'Music Changes Everything' featured over 120 fantastic singers with an eclectic and talented band.  Here are the details of the instrumentalists:

  • Juliet Brien (viola): Diferente / The Wolves & The Ravens

  • Ryan Buxton (guitar): I Need My Girl

  • Adam Chinery (guitar): The Wolves & The Ravens

  • Myke Clifford (sax): I Need My Girl

  • Kate Clow (violin): The Wolves & The Ravens

  • Andrea Cockerton (piano): All

  • Ciaran Corr (guitar): Torrent

  • Edd Evans-Morley (double bass): Made-up Lovesong #43

  • Helen Godfrey (cello): Diferente / The Wolves & The Ravens

  • Ian Griffith (drums): I Need My Girl

  • Dave Holland (hurdy gurdy): Worship You

  • Helen Medlock (violin): Diferente

  • Sally Merson (violin): Diferente / The Wolves & The Ravens

  • Dave Mitchell-Jones (bass): Torrent / I Need My Girl

  • Paul Richards (drums/percussion): Torrent / Worship You / Diferente / Wolves & Ravens / Made-up Lovesong #43

  • Gav Sirisena (bass): Diferente

  • Tim Slater (guitar): Diferente / Worship You

  • Andrew Winter (accordion): Diferente / Made-up Lovesong #43

  • Artistic Director: Andrea Cockerton