We've had enough of this negativiTy.

Wednesday 9th Nov 2016

And we plan to do something about it, with you. We're talking Live Aid size.  We have the musical know how to do big gigs where the fans (i.e. you) make the music, we have an internationally respected production team in place and we know the venues we have in mind - think the Olympic Park - and will book whichever we need to hold the numbers we have (in just four weeks we're up to just under 1200 singers and instrumentalists... and it's going up.) 

But this time, as well as some pro-positive global artists, it is us and it is you that is making the sound.  c.1000 instrumentalists and c.39,000 vocalists.  If you think that's not possible, it is.  And it will be epic.

 Think about the Olympics in the UK in 2012 and think about that positivity.  This is what we want to do, with music. We want thousands of people from all areas of our country, representing all elements of our community, to get together for one day, like Live Aid, and to show the world that it doesn't matter who you are, where you were born, or what you believe in politically or religiously... we are all people and we need to combat the current growing trend of meanness and small-mindedness with the most positive experience of all.  Yes!  That feeling when you go to your favourite gig and belt it out with the band on stage or at a wedding when you're all singing along after a few too many pints, or that feeling if you're already in a band of the euphoria of letting rip and it all coming together. That's what we're going to do, large scale with you.  You can be in it.  And your kids.  And your friends.  We're talking massive - and you and us will be making the music.  We'll film it, we'll make it big, we'll make the message last.  

Is the point to fundraise?  No (although if by some miracle the gig makes a profit, we'll ask everyone involved to vote for what to do with it). We just want to create something incredibly positive that we all will never, ever, forget.  It's a bit like an a-political, anti-negative, pro-positive musical march- a beautifully positive gig, that will bring people together in new ways, and provide a place where cross-community connections can happy in one crazy bonkers event, with no agenda other than positivity.  And if you doubt the validity of that, think again - music heals, and making music together can forge connections that rise above rifts, however deep... and amazing other things can and will come out of that.   

So, get involved!  If you want to sing, all you have to do is to be able to sing, literally... whether you can read music or not, whether you have ever sung outside of the shower or not, or whether it's just going for it in the car, this is your chance to do something so incredibly positive that you will be proud of until your dying day.  If you're an instrumentalist - whether jazz, pop, electronic, DJ, beatbox etc or classical - we want to hear from you too...this is a chance to be on a very, very large stage, en masse, a bit like this, but much, much bigger.

Numbers?  We're aiming for anywhere between 2,000 & 40,000 people.  If it gets bigger, that's not a problem.  And if it's smaller, we'll still do it.

Sign up now using the form below.  All we need is your name and contact details and we'll then keep you posted as it all develops. 

And finally, how are we going to fund this?  Well... we're definitely not Bob Geldof so it's going to be the ground up way!  When we hit enough numbers to prove the concept, we're going to set up a crowd funding campaign (if you want to make a donation to help us get it all off the ground at that stage, that would also be fantastic) and we will also start approaching groups like the British Council for funding... plus try to find a Bob Geldof of our very own to make some serious noise for us, but this is all being discussed as we write.  The one thing we know is that it is going to cost a lot to put on, but we also know that together we can make it happen.

Please tell your mates.

Let's give the press and the world something tangible and brilliant to talk about.  Let's show ourselves and the world that The People Are Sound.


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