Hello you committed lot!  As promised, this is the page where you can put yourselves forward to get a little bit more involved in some of the behind-the-scenes stuff... either with We Are Sound or with Dosoco.  PLEASE don't feel you have to!  But if you do happen to have a little bit of time and willingness, then this could be the place to put it - and thank you masses in advance.

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Which supergroup would you most like to get involved with? *
We're going to limit the numbers to 5 per supergroup (apart from Dosoco) so we may not be able to get you all in at this stage, but we'll change the groups every 6-12 months or so :)
Are there any other supergroups that you're interested in?
Do say in case we can't get you into your top one... but don't feel you have to :)
Do you have particular skills / experience you're really proud of?
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