sound checks in norwich / london

Hey chaps. Thanks for clicking :) As a reminder, here are the details:

  • Norwich sound check: an hour - 90 minutes long on the evening of Thursday 1st November, Norwich Cathedral

  • London sound check: an hour only (it’s expensive!!!) on the evening of Wednesday 7th November, Round Chapel Hackney

If you could mark what you can do (and don’t worry if you can’t do anything) that would be great :) Thank you!

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Bear in mind folks that we've got a Sunday session on the 4th as well as our usual weekly rehearsals either side... so I would suggest just picking one of the below. But if you're hardcore and want to do effectively 5 sessions in two weeks, then you're more than welcome!!! The session in London will be an hour long, and the session in Norwich an hour - 90 minutes.
Would you prefer a 7pm, 7.30pm or 8pm start? *