We're looking for mavericks.  People that adore music, people that want to sing but that wouldn't join a normal choir, and people that long for that euphoria that only bands normally get the chance to enjoy.  You'll have to work for it a little - the music we perform is pretty challenging - but you don't have to have had any experience... some of us have sung in bands, in shows, or in choirs, and many of us haven't.  The thing that binds us all is this jumping-over-the-cliff-come-what-may approach to music and we'll also work hard to make sure the music keeps first time singers challenged and experienced singers interested.  We do all of this together, and are emphatically stamping our voices into the ground at the same time - well out of our comfort zones and (we hope) challenging yours.

If you're after something stuffy and formal, look elsewhere.  But if you're after the experience of a lifetime, that you will literally never forget, then come and try us out.  

There's no audition, and you don't have to read music, but you do need to be willing to give it a shot, and able to sing in tune.  Just grab a radio, and a frank friend, and get them to tell you. 

Fill in the form below if you'd like to find out more, and we'll send you the details pronto.  

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