We're looking for talented, intelligent and rammed-full-of-character musicians to join our Cambridge collective.  If you're a backline player you need to have loads of experience gigging with bands.  If you're any other kind of instrumentalist, this isn't so necessary, but you absolutely do still have to be able to improvise, learn & play by ear, be utterly comfortable performing (you'll be on stage, not in a pit) and be musically really distinctive.  

We Are Sound has been going since 2010 in various different formats, but throughout we've balanced a completely crazy mix of vocalists (somewhere between 40-120) and instrumentalists (somewhere between 5-20).  The scale is vast and ambitious and not for the feint hearted.  The gigs have full & pro sound/light production (apart from the occasional unplugged gigs which have a very different vibe) and pull in some brilliant names both in terms of collaborators and audience members (e.g. Basement Jaxx, Boo Hewerdine, Megson, Dirty Freud, The Unthanks) and sponsors (Bobby Aitken and Autograph Sound).

Our set lists are really diverse so we're particularly looking musicians that are absolutely 100% up for covering a broad range of tracks. Bands we've covered to date include Dry the River, Arcade Fire, The National, Alabama Shakes, Goldfrapp, Ane Brun, Rufus Wainwright, The Leisure Society, Asgeir, Katzenjammer, Sigur Ros, Elbow, The Wilderness of Manitoba, Basement Jaxx and more.

What exactly do we need in terms of instruments?  We look for the back line of drummers, bassists, guitarists (if the latter you have to be multi-skilled and equally comfortable playing lead, rhythm or acoustic)... but we also look for solo line instrumentalists too - trumpeters, violinists, sax players etc. - that are brilliant at improvising. 

The absolute must is that you've got to be willing to go with the flow, and also be OK taking some direction from the MD (who is the only person with the c.60 voice parts buzzing around their heads!).  If this fits you, we want to hear from you. Please fill in the form at the bottom of this page and we'll get back to you pronto.

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If you've got any YouTube or Soundcloud clips online, put your best link here. We'd prefer video footage if poss. We have to make this bit compulsory as we've had too many applications without any links and its impossible to tell if you're any good without hearing you! If you haven't got anything, please take a quick video with your phone (and upload it somewhere, putting the link below) to show us what you can do - it doesn't have to be pro :)
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