immerse yourself

There is (almost) nothing better than music. We're nuts about it, and we want you to get involved.  So we're shortly going to be launching all of the's a bit crazy but we can't stop ourselves.  Have a read, and then if you're interested in anything, just get in touch.  We're going to be offering music journalism, masterclasses, sound sessions, lungjams, gig photography, real time soundtech experience, and CRUX events (mashing up some of the best creative content) you.  That's you.  Some of it will be free, and some will cost. And through it all, we're going to continue supporting The Dosoco Foundation, because #musicchangeseverything.

If you're interested in *any* of the below, contact us now.  We're in the early planning stages, so now is a good time to get in touch.....


be a critic

We'll buy you gig tickets. You get to go, for free, and write your best review for our #immersivesounds blog.  Build your music journalism CV, see brilliant bands, get a name for yourself. Simple.

DJ live example.jpg


i.e. Cross-curated / Juxtaposed. CRUX sessions cross art forms and are small, intimate events that mix things up a little, all with sound involved.  We'll be looking at all art forms - art, photography, dance, burlesque, words and more.


Get Under the skin

Get up close to brilliant musicians, talking about and demonstrating what they do and how. We'll also be asking them to give us an unplugged, rare, performance. We're open to ideas for who you want to see.


Shoot the gig

Build experience of photographing (and filming where we can get permission) brilliant gigs. We'll give you a photography / film pass for free, you get in to some cracking shows and we'll promo your work for you.


Sounds Up

Like an open mic, but better.  Curated monthly gigs where we sort the sound & venue and you bring your music plus get a cut of the door. Cambridge has some fine talent. Be seen, heard & filmed.


tech experience

Get behind the desk and be part of the crew that makes gigs and events possible. You'll be shadowing experienced sound engineers that can teach and get backstage for free.


Unusual, creative, cool. We'll be running music workshops for young and old, all colours and creeds, both big groups and small. Up soon will be beatboxing and performance poetry. We'll also be looking at mass-band-jamming.



Be in with a chance to be on stage as a soloist at one of our full-on #lungjam events.  Mass, euphoric, audience-led gigs, where you have a chance to lead two tracks, with a band, from the front. Unforgettable.


And finally, where it all started.  The mammoth musical collective that is We Are Sound. Currently 110 singers and up to ten instrumentalists, gigging live and extraordinary events. We have a handful of places for vocalists.  Apply now.