Hello lovely people.  The last questionnaire of term... you can do it!!!!

Name *
Which voice are you? *
Would you like to do the Darlingside event? *
It's at 3.15pm on Sunday 5th August, at the Cambridge Folk Festival in Cherry Hinton
Do you already have Folk Festival tickets that cover the Sunday? *
We have an allocation of 60 places for those that don't, so if you do, please can you say so below
Which of the following dates could you do for an evening recording session? *
For the film track. Please tick *all* that you could do, or the final option if no dates work / you would rather not do it (which is fine!).
Are your details correct on the Hinxton list? *
I.e. are you on it if you're meant to be / not on it as you're not doing it
If your answer to the above is no, please correct me :)