And we love it.


There is nothing quite like being in a gig alongside 120 or so other singers and musicians - or being in the crowd and feeling that wall of sound coming towards you.  It's visceral, real, and euphoric, and people leave with their souls high.  

The group on stage is made up of people like you.  Some of us can read music, some of us can't. Some of us have sung in bands, in shows, or in choirs, and many of us haven't.  The thing that binds us all is this jumping-over-the-cliff-come-what-may approach to music.  We do this together, and are emphatically stamping our voices into the ground at the same time - well out of our comfort zones and (we hope) challenging yours.

Our obsession is reworking brilliant tracks by brilliant bands, getting under the skin of both established talent and newcomers (and collaborating with some of them too) using around 130 voices and instruments.  Set lists range from Scandinavian soundscapes, soaring club anthems and indie angst through to funk, Canadian introspection, electro-dub mixes and even plainsong, all explored at scale - it's epic, intense and in your face.  

And if you want to know what it feels like on the other side, we may have a place for you.